The US High Voltage and Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker OEM market accounts for roughly two-thirds of all bushing-type instrument current transformer purchases per year and is dominated by four players that hold approximately 77% of the market share. While customization is available, standardization of options and designs is the prevalent trend in this market. As a circuit breaker producer, product quality is a given, and you cannot risk your company’s reputation on anything less. Purchase price is very important, but so are the costs associated with carrying inventory. You certainly cannot afford to buy excess inventory to keep a large safety stock on-hand, and you cannot risk stopping production due to late delivery. Timely product delivery is also paramount.

In addition, you certainly don’t want to buy your CTs from one of your competitors who could put their priorities over your own.

What are you going to do?

Meramec Instrument Transformer Co. services the HV and MV Power Circuit Breaker market with high quality, reliable and affordable current transformers. Our current transformers are designed to fit your specifications and budget, and they are delivered when needed.

To meet the needs of the HV and MV Circuit Breaker OEM market, Meramec provides a full line of custom-designed products:

  • Internally Mounted Dry-Type Bushing Current Transformers (DBCTs), including:
    • Gapped Core and Linear Coupler versions

  • Outdoor Mounted Slip-Over Bushing Current Transformers (SBCTs)

Meramec Instrument Transformer Co. is ready to support you. Our Midwestern US facility has the capabilities to provide you with a custom-designed product that fits your requirements and budget.

The Meramec Difference:
  • We are available 24/7 to support you.
  • RFQs are quickly turned.
  • Delivery performance
    • In project mode, rest assured it is delivered on time.
    • In crisis mode, we pull out all the stops to get you up and running.
  • Custom CT designs with custom mounting.
  • Known and proven product quality – install and forget.
  • Technical support that allows your engineers to focus on other issues and not the CT’s design.
  • 99.978% Quality Performance.
  • We are the Instrument CT Specialists. Instrument Transformers are what we do.

Meramec’s 24/7 Rapid Response is available for rush situations. We are available to support your needs. Designs can be made to match the existing current transformer characteristics or to optimize your chosen parameters. Our products are guaranteed and backed by our 99.978% quality performance rating.

Whether you’re planning your Current Transformer requirements for new equipment, system upgrades and replacement units, or you’re trying to recover from an unplanned outage, remember there is no equivalent. SPEC the BEST– Spec Meramec!