Please see the listing to the side of information that is typically required to accurately develop a quotation.

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Each unit is custom designed for its application and therefore specific requirements information is needed to provide an accurate quote. In addition to providing the:

  1. Intended application
  2. Manufacturing standard
  3. Single-ratio or multi-ratio style
  4. Metering or relaying application
  5. Current ratio
  6. Accuracy class and Burden
  7. Power frequency
  8. Rating factor or maximum current rating of the bushing
  9. Maximum let-through current
  10. Desired connection method and if lead wire connection is desired, the wire gauge and length
Some information regarding the equipment must be provided. To determine the physical size the limiting dimensions must be given, which are the:

  1. Minimum ID
  2. Maximum OD
  3. Maximum stack height.

When stacking multiple CTs on the same bushing, the CT configuration or schematic must be given.

For non-standard mounting methods, additional information will be needed to determine an appropriate mounting design. For the Slip-over style CT, a Sizing and Installing Guide is available to assist in identifying the necessary information.