The Problem:
Product quality is a given, as you CANNOT risk your company’s reputation on anything less. But you need to keep costs in check and you certainly cannot afford to buy excess inventory to keep a large safety stock on-hand. You also cannot afford to possibly stop production due to late delivery. You need to know that you can have CTs when you need them. You certainly don’t want to buy this component from one of your circuit breaker competitors who could put their priorities over your own. What are you going to do?

The expectation on reliability has never been greater, in spite of the fact that there is more breadth and complexity to the electrical system.
“Our modern electric power grid has been called the biggest and most complex machine in the world – delivering electricity over 200,000 miles of high tension transmission lines and touching almost every aspect of our lives.” ( Terms of Use Privacy Policy Copyright © 2014 Lion Television. All rights reserved. PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization Page Published: June 5, 2014
In addition, there is more competition for business than ever before, so you need to really focus on delivering value, and a lot of it.

The Solution:
Your solution is Meramec’s Internally Mounted Dry-Type Bushing Current Transformer.

The toroidal core is continuously tape-wound using cold-rolled, grain-oriented electrical grade silicon steel, which receives a full stress relief anneal after it is wound to its specified dimensions. The secondary winding is then wound of insulated copper magnet wire over the cellulose-insulated core with the turns equally spaced around the core periphery. When taps are pulled, they are wound in a manner that assures a fully distributed winding between any connections. The coil is then finished with a polyester film tape. All materials used have a minimum rating of 105°C.

The DBCT is custom designed to fit over any bushing shank. They can be supported horizontally by mounting plates or non-magnetic straps. When stacking DBCTs, it is good practice to place an insulating ring between each unit and between the unit and mounting plate (if metallic). When clamping the DBCT between plates, tighten enough to secure, but do not over-tighten. High mechanical force may damage the unit or change its performance characteristic. Please note that mounting plates and hardware are not provided.

What makes Meramec the right choice is our customization, quality and delivery. Every CT we produce is custom-designed to your specific application. Our engineering design, our technicians’ attention to detail, and our 100% verification all contribute to the achievement of our 5 year 99.978% quality performance rating. Our customer service is paramount as well. If you are in a scheduled maintenance mode, we deliver as needed. If you are in a downtime crisis situation, we pull out all the stops to get you up and running.

Additional Features & Options
  • Available in a variety of winding arrangements – Single Ratio (SR), Dual Ratio (DR) or Multi Ratio (MR).
  • Designs can be made to match existing CT characteristics.
  • Designs for primary currents greater than 8,000 Amps are available.
  • Secondary terminals or leads can be selected.
  • Gapped cores for remanence control and transient response are available.
  • Air core linear couplers are available.

The Meramec Difference:
  • We are available 24/7 to support you.
  • RFQs are quickly turned.
  • Delivery performance
    • In project mode, rest assured it is delivered on time.
    • In crisis mode, we pull out all the stops to get you up and running.
  • Custom CT designs with custom mounting.
  • Known and proven product quality – install and forget.
  • Technical support that allows your engineers to focus on other issues and not the CT’s design.
  • 99.978% Quality Performance.
  • We are the Instrument CT Specialists. Instrument Transformers are what we do.

Meramec’s Rapid Response is available for rush situations. We are available to support your needs. Designs can be made to match the existing current transformer characteristics or to optimize your chosen parameters. Our products are guaranteed and backed by our 99.978% quality performance rating.

When you are in need of Current Transformers to directly replace existing units, to upgrade your system, or to outfit new equipment – Spec Meramec…When it has to be Right!